Nigeria and Argentina will qualify to the next stage in Brazil 2014 – Zapata

Coach Rodolfo Zapata

A renowned soccer tactician from Argentina, Rodolfo Zapata has backed Nigeria’s Super Eagles to stage a glorious outing at the World Cup and go on to qualify with his country for the second round of the forthcoming global championship in Brazil.

While inferring that Nigeria and Argentina will both defeat Group F foes, Iran and Bosnia-Herzegovina in their respective first two matches of the competition, Zapata predicted that it would end as a battle for positions between both favourites in the pool.

The match between the Eagles and “Albicelestes” will be the fourth time both sides will meet in the group stage of the World Cup, following previous encounters at USA ’94, Korea/Japan 2002 and South Africa 2010, but while many analysts believe this year’s game could end in a draw, Zapata holds a different view.

He agrees that Nigeria and Argentina will both beat Iran and Bosnia, but believes their June 26 clash in Porto Alegre will be explosive, as it would be the determiner between which of both sides would end up first and second in Group F.

The tactician, fondly called Rolo, who has previously coached in Nigeria, United States and South Africa, believes that both teams will successfully navigate their path in Group F, but left it hanging over which of them would top the classification.

“Nigeria and Argentie National Teams will qualify to the next stage in Brazil 2014. Argentina and Super Eagles will play to decide which National Team finish in first or second place,” Zapata said in an interview on Argentine Radio Mitre.

  • Olga El Nabulsi

    I having an inquiring mind and love voicing my opinion, I believe Rodolfo Zapata’s role will have a great impact again. If I was a player I would put my faith in Rodolfo Zapata. He seems to have great goals for the team, I value his intention and wish nothing than, the best to Rodolfo and his team. Kudos to all his endeavour!